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//This file is part of necsim project which is released under MIT license.
//See file **LICENSE.txt** or visit for full license details.
#ifndef TREENODE
#define TREENODE

#include <cstdio>
#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
#include "Logging.h"

using namespace std;
namespace necsim
    class TreeNode

        // 0 means that this node is just here to mark a coalescense
        // and therefore this node of no real other relevance
        // 1 means that this node is a leaf node and counts towards diversity
        bool tip;
        // this stores the parent of the individual
        // 0 means there is no parent - we are at the end of the tree
        // (as far as has been calculated)
        unsigned long parent;
        // true if this lineage has speciated in which case it should not have a parent
        // because under the present implementation lineages are not traced beyond speciation
        // boolean for checking whether the lineage actually exists at the end. If all children of the lineages have
        // speciated, then the lineage no longer exists.
        bool speciated;
        // the species identity of the node
        bool does_exist;
        // the following 4 variables describe the position of the lineage in the present day.
        unsigned long species_id;
        // x position
        unsigned long xpos;
        // y position
        unsigned long ypos;
        // number of wraps of x around the torus
        long xwrap;
        // number of wraps of y around the torus
        long ywrap;
        // the speciation probability. This needs to be multiplied by the number of generations in order to generate the
        // actual probability.
        long double speciation_probability;
        // Number of generations this lineage has existed since coalescence (or tracking began).
        unsigned long generations_existed;
        // Simulation generation timer that the lineage was created at
        long double generation_added;
        TreeNode() : tip(false), parent(0), speciated(false), does_exist(false), species_id(0), xpos(0), ypos(0),
                     xwrap(0), ywrap(0), speciation_probability(0.0), generations_existed(0), generation_added(0.0)


        ~TreeNode() = default;

        void setup(bool z, unsigned long xp, unsigned long yp, long xi, long yi);

        void setup(bool z);

        void setup(const bool &is_tip, const long &xp, const long &yp, const long &xi, const long &yi,
                   const long double &generation);

        void setExistence(bool b);

        void setParent(unsigned long x);

        void qReset();

        void setPosition(long x, long y, long xw, long yw);

        void setSpec(long double d);

        void setGenerationRate(unsigned long g);

        void setGeneration(long double d);

        void setSpeciation(bool s);

        void burnSpecies(unsigned long idin);

        void setTip(bool b);

        void resetSpecies();

        void increaseGen();
        // we don't allow the other variables to be changed
        // because they only need to be set once at the start of the coalescence
        // it's actually safer to leave out setters.
        // similarly we don't allow speciation to be changed once it has been set.

        // standard getters

        bool exists() const;

        bool isTip() const;

        unsigned long getParent() const;

        unsigned long getXpos() const;

        unsigned long getYpos() const;

        long getXwrap() const;

        long getYwrap() const;

        bool hasSpeciated() const;

        unsigned long getSpeciesID() const;

        long double getSpecRate() const;

        unsigned long getGenerationRate() const;

        long double getGeneration() const;

        void speciate();

        friend ostream &operator<<(ostream &os, const TreeNode &t);

        friend istream &operator>>(istream &is, TreeNode &t);

        TreeNode &operator=(const TreeNode &t);

#ifdef DEBUG

        void logLineageInformation(const int &level);

#endif // DEBUG