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// This file is part of necsim project which is released under MIT license.
// See file **LICENSE.txt** or visit for full license details.

#ifndef TREE_H
#define TREE_H
//#ifndef sql_ram
//#define sql_ram

#include <sqlite3.h>
#include <string>

#ifdef CXX14_SUPPORT
#include "memory.h"

#include <memory>


#include "TreeNode.h"
#include "Matrix.h"
#include "SimParameters.h"
#include "RNGController.h"
#include "DataPoint.h"
#include "Community.h"
#include "file_system.h"
#include "custom_exceptions.h"
#include "Step.h"
#include "SQLiteHandler.h"

using namespace random_numbers;
namespace necsim
    class Tree
        // storing the coalescence tree itself
        shared_ptr<vector<TreeNode>> data;
        // a reference for the last written point in data.
        unsigned long enddata;
        // Stores the command line current_metacommunity_parameters and parses the required information.
        shared_ptr<SimParameters> sim_parameters;
        // random number generator
        shared_ptr<RNGController> NR;
        // Storing the speciation rates for later reference.
        vector<long double> speciation_rates;
        // flag for having set the simulation seed.
        bool seeded;
        // random seed
        long long seed;
        // for file naming - good to know which job_type in a series is being executed here
        long long job_type;
        // The map file containing the times that we want to expand the model and record all lineages again.
        // If this is null, uses_temporal_sampling will be false and the vector will be empty.
        string times_file;
        vector<double> reference_times;
        // Set to true if we are recording at times other than the present day.
        bool uses_temporal_sampling;
        // The time variables (for timing the simulation in real time)
        time_t start, sim_start, sim_end, now, sim_finish, out_finish;
        time_t time_taken;
        // Active lineages stored as a row of datapoints
        vector<DataPoint> active;
        // Stores the point of the end of the active vector. 0 is reserved as null
        unsigned long endactive;
        // the maximum size of endactive
        unsigned long startendactive;
        // the maximum simulated number of individuals in the present day.
        unsigned long maxsimsize;
        // for create the link to the speciationcounter object which handles everything.
        Community community;
        // This might need to be updated for simulations that have large changes in maximum population size over time.
        // number of simulation num_steps
        long steps;
        // Maximum time to run for (in seconds)
        unsigned long maxtime;
        // number of generations passed,
        double generation;
        // The number of individuals per cell
        double deme;
        // The proportion of individuals to sample
        double deme_sample;
        // the speciation rate
        long double spec;
        // Path to output directory
        string out_directory;
        // sqlite3 object that stores all the data
        shared_ptr<SQLiteHandler> database;
        // only set to true if the simulation has finished, otherwise will be false.
        bool sim_complete;
        // set to true when variables are imported
        bool has_imported_vars;
        // If sql database is written first to memory, then need another object to contain the in-memory database.
#ifdef sql_ram
        SQLiteHandler outdatabase;
        // Create the step object that will be retained for the whole simulation.
        // Does not need saving on simulation pause.
        Step this_step;
        string sql_output_database;
        // If true, means the command-line imports were under the (deprecated) fullmode.
        bool bFullMode;
        // If true, the simulation is to be resumed.
        bool bResume;
        // If true, a config file contains the simulation variables.
        bool bConfig;
        // If true, simulation can be resumed.
        bool has_paused, has_imported_pause;
        // Should always be false in the base class
        bool bIsProtracted;
        // variable for storing the paused sim location if files have been moved during paused/resumed simulations!
        string pause_sim_directory;
        // Set to true to use the gillespie method - this is currently only supported for spatial simulations using a
        // dispersal map and point speciation (i.e. the method is unsupported for non-spatial simulations,
        // spatial simulations not using a dispersal map and those that use protracted speciation).
        bool using_gillespie;

        Tree() : data(make_shared<vector<TreeNode>>()), enddata(0), sim_parameters(make_shared<SimParameters>()),
                 NR(make_shared<RNGController>()), speciation_rates(), seeded(false), seed(-1), job_type(-1),
                 times_file("null"), reference_times(), uses_temporal_sampling(false), start(0), sim_start(0),
                 sim_end(0), now(0), sim_finish(0), out_finish(0), time_taken(0), active(), endactive(0),
                 startendactive(0), maxsimsize(0), community(data), steps(0), maxtime(0), generation(0.0), deme(0.0),
                 deme_sample(0.0), spec(0.0), out_directory(""), database(make_shared<SQLiteHandler>()),
                 sim_complete(false), has_imported_vars(false),
#ifdef sql_ram
#endif //sql_ram
                 this_step(), sql_output_database("null"), bFullMode(false), bResume(false), bConfig(true),
                 has_paused(false), has_imported_pause(false), bIsProtracted(false), pause_sim_directory("null"),


        virtual ~Tree()
#ifdef sql_ram

        void importSimulationVariables(const string &configfile);

        void importSimulationVariables(ConfigParser config);

        virtual void runFileChecks();

        void wipeSimulationVariables();

        void internalSetup(shared_ptr<SimParameters> sim_parameters_in);

        bool checkOutputDirectory();

        void checkSims();

        void checkSims(string output_dir, long seed, long job_type);

        virtual void setParameters();

        virtual void setProtractedVariables(double speciation_gen_min, double speciation_gen_max);

        bool hasPaused();

        vector<double> getTemporalSampling();

        virtual long long getSeed();

        virtual long long getJobType();

        void setSeed(long long seed_in);

        double getGeneration() const;

        virtual unsigned long getInitialCount();

        unsigned long setObjectSizes();

        virtual void setup();

        void setInitialValues();

        void setSimStartVariables();

        void printSetup();

        void setTimes();

        void determineSpeciationRates();

        void addSpeciationRates(vector<long double> spec_rates_in);

        void generateObjects();

        virtual unsigned long fillObjects(const unsigned long &initial_count);

        void runSingleLoop();

        bool runSimulation();

        bool runSimulationNoGillespie();

        void writeSimStartToConsole();

        void writeStepToConsole();

        virtual void incrementGeneration();

        void chooseRandomLineage();

        virtual void updateStepCoalescenceVariables();

        void speciation(const unsigned long &chosen);

        virtual void speciateLineage(const unsigned long &data_position);

        virtual void removeOldPosition(const unsigned long &chosen);

        virtual void switchPositions(const unsigned long &chosen);

        virtual void calcNextStep();

        virtual bool calcSpeciation(const long double &random_number,
                                    const long double &speciation_rate,
                                    const unsigned long &no_generations);

        void coalescenceEvent(const unsigned long &chosen, unsigned long &coalchosen);

        void checkTimeUpdate();

        virtual void addLineages(double generation_in);

        bool checkProportionAdded(const double &proportion_added);

        void checkSimSize(unsigned long req_data, unsigned long req_active);

        void makeTip(const unsigned long &tmp_active, const double &generation_in, vector<TreeNode> &data_added);

        void convertTip(unsigned long i, double generationin, vector<TreeNode> &data_added);

        bool stopSimulation();

        void applySpecRate(long double sr, double t);

        void applySpecRateInternal(long double sr, double t);

        shared_ptr<vector<unsigned long>> getCumulativeAbundances();

        shared_ptr<map<unsigned long, unsigned long>> getSpeciesAbundances(const unsigned long &community_reference);

        shared_ptr<vector<unsigned long>> getSpeciesAbundances();

        ProtractedSpeciationParameters setupCommunity();

        void setupCommunityCalculation(long double sr, double t);

        void applySpecRate(long double sr);

        void applyMultipleRates();

        virtual bool getProtracted();

        virtual string getProtractedVariables();

        virtual double getProtractedGenerationMin();

        virtual double getProtractedGenerationMax();

        void sqlOutput();

        void createAndOutputData();

        void outputData();

        void sortData();

        void writeTimes();

        void openSQLDatabase();

        void sqlCreate();

        void setupOutputDirectory();

        void sqlCreateSimulationParameters();

        virtual string simulationParametersSqlInsertion();

        virtual string protractedVarsToString();

        virtual void simPause();

        shared_ptr<ofstream> initiatePause();

        void dumpMain(shared_ptr<ofstream> out);

        void dumpActive(shared_ptr<ofstream> out);

        void dumpData(shared_ptr<ofstream> out);

        void completePause(shared_ptr<ofstream> out);

        void setResumeParameters(string pausedir,
                                 string outdir,
                                 unsigned long seed,
                                 unsigned long job_type,
                                 unsigned long new_max_time);

        void setResumeParameters();

        shared_ptr<ifstream> openSaveFile();

        virtual void loadMainSave(shared_ptr<ifstream> in1);

        void loadDataSave(shared_ptr<ifstream> in1);

        void loadActiveSave(shared_ptr<ifstream> in1);

        void initiateResume();

        virtual void simResume();

        virtual void addGillespie(const double &g_threshold);

        virtual bool runSimulationGillespie();

#ifdef DEBUG

        virtual void validateLineages();

        void validateCoalescenceTree();

        virtual void debugEndStep();

        void debugCoalescence();

        virtual void runChecks(const unsigned long &chosen, const unsigned long &coalchosen);

        void miniCheck(const unsigned long &chosen);
#endif // DEBUG
#endif //TREE_H