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// This file is part of necsim project which is released under MIT license.
// See file **LICENSE.txt** or visit for full license details.
#ifndef LOGFILE_H
#define LOGFILE_H

#include <cstring>
#include <fstream>
#include <ctime>
#include <map>

#define LOGNAME_FORMAT "%d%m%Y_%H%M%S"

using namespace std;
namespace necsim
    string getTime();

    string getDefaultLogFile();

    void getUniqueFileName(string &basic_string);

    class LogFile
        // output stream to log file
        ofstream output_stream;
        // log file name
        string file_name;
        // mapping integer levels to logger level
        map<int, string> levels_map;

        // Makes the class non-copyable as we don't want to copy file streams
        LogFile(const LogFile &) = delete;

        LogFile &operator=(const LogFile &) = delete;


        explicit LogFile(string file_name_in);


        void init(string file_name_in);

        void write(const int &level, string message);

        void write(const int &level, stringstream &message);
#endif //LOGFILE_H