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class Step : public virtual necsim::MapLocation

Stores the elements associated with a single step in a coalescence simulation.

This object should only contain transient variables that are used within a single simulation step and therefore should not be important for pausing/resuming simulations.

Public Functions


Step constructor.


Step(const Cell &cell)
void wipeData()

Removes all stored data from the step. This should be run at the start of a single coalescence step.

bool isOnGrid() const

Checks if the location is directly on the grid without wrapping (i.e. xwrap and ywrap are 0).

true if on the grid

bool operator==(MapLocation const &m) const

Equality operator for MapLocation.

true if the x, y, xwrap and ywrap are identical

bool operator!=(MapLocation const &m) const

Inequality operator for MapLocation.

true if locations are not identical

Public Members

unsigned long chosen
unsigned long coalchosen
bool coal
bool bContinueSim
unsigned int time_reference
long x
long y
long xwrap
long ywrap